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Local Poultry Processors

Locust Ridge Poultry Processing- Myerstown, PA: 717-866-2061

-Mobile Processing (125 bird minimum)
​-Drop-off processing of Chickens/Turkeys (no minimum)Cut up and Vacuum Sealing available.

Ironstone Poultry Processing- Leesport, PA: 484-949-1716 
-Mobile and drop-off processing of Chickens/Turkeys. (Up to 100 birds per batch)​
​-Drop off dates 2 times per month starting in May of each year.
Cut up and Vacuum Sealing available.

Harold Nolt- Ephrata, PA: 717-355-2165
-Drop off processing of Chickens, Turkeys, and Ducks. (Up to 200 birds per batch)
Minimal cut-up and no vacuum sealing available.

We do not currently offer any poultry processing services


Below is a list of poultry slaughter facility's located in the Lebanon, Lancaster, Berks County in South Eastern PA.
(this is not an endorsement of any of these companys)

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