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*Note: No longer receiving whole or quartered deer.*
Due to the extreme seasonal work load during the months of Oct, Nov, and Dec: We will only be receiving boneless venison for further processing. No exceptions will be made.

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Mobile Slaughter Service

The only refrigerated mobile slaughter service serving Lancaster, Lebanon, and Berks Counties in Eastern Pennsylvania

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Support Local Farmers!

Pork and Beef for sale

We started another company that sells Beef and Pork fresh off the farm:

The Keystone Cattle Company!


Full Service Butcher Shop

  • Beef receives 10-13 days of aging,

and Steak Primals can be aged for 25 days!

  • All Processed Products are cured without the use of Nitrites/Nitrates.


Family Owned and Operated


Derek Eberly Family

Eric Eberly Family


Blake Weaver
Head Meat Cutter

About The Name: "Mountain Man" 

Our thoughts on Self-Sufficiency and Independence

People have wondered "just how much of a Mountain Man is he?"


Mountain Men have always been defined by their strong sense of independence, and their ability to provide for themselves.

Both of these attributes define this business. I wanted to break away from the all too common "Day Job", and also follow my passion for Pasture Raised meats, without the use of Nitrites or Nitrates.


The name also comes from our first home on the Texter Mountain, where this business was founded (Eastern Lebanon County, Pennsylvania).

My wife and I lived there for the first 7 years of marriage. While there we raised and processed our own beef, pork, and chicken, milked our goat, and had a garden that benefited from the manure compost generated by the animals. 

"The Farm" will be remembered fondly, the birthplace of our quest for self-sufficiency and independence. We weren't out to prove anything, we simply raised our own food for the joy of doing it ourselves. 

We loved it so much we decided to extend the service to our friends and neighbors,  whom we hope to encourage on their own journey of becoming just a bit more like a "Mountain Man"

Derek Eberly "Mountain Man"