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Mountain Man Raw Pet Foods wants to help nourish your pet!

We are not veterinarian's, so if you have any questions, please contact your trusted pet health information source before purchasing. 

"Dogs Naturally Magazine" is a great place to start!

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Current Offerings:

Beef Offal Mixture
(with green tripe!)

Meat Variety

Ground Beef Offal and Chicken with bone.

Poultry Variety

Lean Ground


Beef Offal
with Green Tripe


Contains the following Raw Ingredients, from one beef:
Liver, Kidney, Tongue, Heart, Lungs, Trachea, Spleen,
and Green Tripe!

(Green Tripe is the raw, unprocessed stomach wall of a beef animal; it provides many beneficial probiotics for your pet, as well as a pungent aroma that makes it quite appealing to dogs, even to picky eaters!)

Feeding your pet 20% this mixture, along with 80% whole muscle meat (lean ground beef) mimics feeding on a whole animal kill, as a wild canine would!

  • $4.75 per pound
    (Comes in 2 lb vacuum sealed bags)


Contains the following Raw Ingredients:

  • 50% Muscle Meat, Liver, Kidney, Tongue, Heart

(from Antibiotic and Hormone Free Beef!)

  • 50% Chicken bones, meat, and skin.

(from Pastured, Non-Gmo Fed Chickens!)

This supplement is a great way to get more calcium into your pets diet!

Raw chicken bones are finely ground to prevent any issues while eating.


Ground Beef Offal and Chicken with bone.

  • $4.00 per pound

Made with:

Antibiotic and Hormone Free Beef and ​Pastured, Non-Gmo Fed Chickens.​

(Comes in 1 lb vacuum sealed bags)


Lean Ground Beef

Ground, Whole muscle meat, and some fat (approx 85%-15%)

Available from conventionally raised beef, or grassfed-finished beef!

The grassfed option is ideal for pets with soy or corn allergy's.

Sourced from "b" grade animals that otherwise would bring very little at auction.

For human food grade beef, please see our "Beef For Sale" page

  • $3.75/lb

  • $5.50/lb
    Grass Fed